Resident Behavior


Show respect for others residents.

Show respect for leadership at the House.

Be courteous and helpful

Adhere to the rules of the House.


Bring Bibles and materials needed.

Be attentive and respectful to the instructors.

Be on time.



Be up and ready to work.

Be punctual to HWJS classes.

Be at meals and other activities on time.


Attend all services (am/pm) and Sunday School.

Residents must stay in church services throughout the entire service.

Roaming the hallways or congregating in the restrooms is not allowed.

Seek to be attentive the the message or services being conducted (as opposed to talking, texting, etc.)

House Duties:

Complete chores properly and in a timely manner.

Keep rooms neat and clean.

Show cooperation when asked to do extra volunteer work.

Pick up after yourself in other areas of the House.