Program Overview of Finances


Each resident coming out of TDCJ is required to use the $50.00 received from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice System to help cover the expense of obtaining an ID card, birth certificate and personal items. If you are coming from jail or another place you must have ID  and social  or finances to purchase these before coming into the House. Each man entering the program is required to purchase an Overcomers Recovery Support Program book at a cost of $12.00.  A non refundable one time fee of $20 will be charged to your account for the cost of sheets and towels and you can keep these.  For the duration of your time at HWJS we will take care of all your linen needs.  At any time we will exchange damaged towels or linens not to include Blankets, Dishes, or Silverware these items must be returned upon leave of HWJS.                      

Each resident is assisted in finding gainful employment.  Each resident is required to work a full-time job.

Each resident is required to pay $175.00 per week($25.00 a day) for the cost of the program.  Fees are subject to change without notice prior to arrival.  Feel free to contact us to confirm fees.

Beginning with the second check, each gainfully employed resident is given approximately 15% of his net income per week, not to exceed $40.00, as an allowance to be used for personal items, etc With the remainder being deposited into  your personal resident account.  Funds for special needs must be processed and approved by the Director.  Receipts for the amount withdrawn MUST be returned. If you do not use your allowance requested for what you requested, you will forfeit half of your allowance till all funds are back in your account.

Each resident is required to turn in any and all income to the House Where Jesus Shines.  When you are current with the HWJS cost of program, one week ahead, and have $1,000 in your resident account, then you can open your own savings account. This $1,000 will stay in the resident account. All funds will be returned to you when you leave minus any outstanding debt to the HWJS.

 After you start your personal savings account,  each payday, you are responsible to pay the cost of the program and have proof of sufficient savings to complete a minimum goal of $3,000 proof of savings is a requirement for residency.  This amount is to secure a resident has some form of transportation and moving  expenses upon his departure. Personal extenuating circumstances can be discussed with the director.

Each resident’s income, after deductions (cost of program and allowance), goes into a holding account for his benefit. Each resident is required  to sign a release form authorizing the HWJS to check on pay rate, hours worked and date paychecks are drawn. 

Our goal remains to assist you in your trasition to independent living!