If you test positive on a U.A. for marijuana at the time of your arrival at the HWJS,

we will deny your admittance into the program.

Drugs and/or alcohol or aggressive/intimidating behavior or leaving the premises without permission, failure to turn in income 

or a romantic relationship with a woman other than your wife. Zero tolerance.

There will be automatic dismissal for these infractions.

Drug Testing:

Performed randomly.

Performed after returning from a pass.

Incidents- three written reprimands will lead to dismissal.

In our ongoing efforts to maintain the HWJS as a safe place for each resident, we want to make these clarifications. 

Following is a list of some situations that could cause a resident to be written up.

       Write-ups consist of:    

    a.  Non-compliance with rules.

    b.  Not signing in and out on driver’s roll sheet.

    c.  Not being in class.

    d.  Disrespect to staff, teachers, or other resident.

    e.  Unexcused absences from work or not waking up to go to work.

    f.  Causing conflicts with other residents, intimidation, demonstrating a pattern of violent behavior with roommates,

drivers, teachers, staff and/or Director.

    g.  Inappropriate behavior in church or on church property.

    h.  Establishing an inappropriate relationship with a teen or woman.

     i.  Cashing check and keeping the funds.

 HWJS Vehicles:

House vehicles- Drivers must have a roll sheet with them any time the vehicles move to and from work, church etc.

Residents must sign in and out on drivers roll sheet.

Private Vehicles:

No vehicles are allowed until graduation.

Vehicles may be purchased two week before moving and keys must be turned into the office until the resident moves.


Passes are permitted with family only, and must be on a resident’s list of visitors.

Saturday —  Sign out-9 a.m.  Sign in-9 p.m.   

Sunday passes 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., but resident must attend either am or pm church service at Open Door.

No overnight passes until after graduation.


Visitations will be between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday.

While at HWJS, visitors will visit in the designated area only.  No visitors are allowed in the men’s rooms.


The staff will call the Parole Office or Probation Office and report any resident leaving or being dismissed from the program, as soon as possible. 

Residents being dismissed or voluntarily leaving the program will be taken by staff to one of the following locations.

Salvation Army

Bus Station

Meyers Center